Las Vegas, Nevada | December 9, 2018

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The competition is open to ALL auctioneers in the world and aims to provide a format to showcase the best bid callers in the auction industry.

  • U.S. Bid Calling Championship Premier Champion - $2,500 and custom champion ring or belt buckle
  • U.S. Bid Calling Championship Reserve Champion - $1250 and trophy
  • U.S. Bid Calling Championship 2nd Runner Up - $700 and trophy
  • A U.S. Bid Calling Championship Rookie Trophy will be presented to the highest scoring individual who has been in the industry 2 years or fewer

Prize money shown is guaranteed but may be increased depending on number of entries.

Entry forms

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2017 contest

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2016 contest

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2015 contest

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Rules and information

All contestants will compete together with no separate divisions. Contestants will be judged according to the U.S. Bid Calling Championship scorecard. The decision of the judges is final. If a judge fails to correctly mark a category they may only change the card if they are still in possession of such card. Announcement on the day of contest take president over any printed material. The US Bid Calling committee will pre-set the sound system and may adjust to benefit the contest. The US Bid Calling committee reserves the right to except or reject any contestant's entry into the contest. Order of contestants in every round will be established by random draw. All contestants must bring three (3) desirable items to sell in the preliminary round. Contestants will sell the items they bring. All proceeds are the sole property of the U.S. Bid Calling Championship. Attire is at the discretion of the contestants. Entries will be accepted up to the day of competition.

Top five highest scores will advance on to the final round. 3 Items to sell will be provided for contestants in the final round. Any ties will be settled as follows: In the event of a tie the high scores will be added back in to the contestant’s scores who are in the tie. In the event of a second tie we will add the low score back in to the tied contestants. Score sheets will be mailed to the contestants in a timely manner. Contestants agree to give US Bid Calling Championship all access to use any videos; internet broadcast and/or photographs that me maybe taken of you during the contest. The 2017 US Bid Calling Champion agrees to allow the US Bid Calling Championship entity to use his or her name, photos and or videos in a promotional manner for the organization's benefit without any compensation to the champion.

All persons, including Calcutta winner, receiving prize monies will be subject to taxes. They will be emailed W9s that must be returned before any prize money will be sent. All information will be sent to the IRS in accordance with current tax laws.